The seeds of new beginnings

Well it seemed like an appropriate thing to do on Easter Sunday, to plant seeds.  My children will both have left home by the end of this year so the sandpit gets a new lease of life as a seed nursery; and I like the symbolism of new beginnings for all of us.

Will it work from a gardening point of view?  No idea, but the tortoise’s face makes me smile and I will pull the cover over at night to protect the seedlings from frost, and take it off again when the sun shines. Worth a try  I think, and it saves me from having to invest in a greenhouse to get the seedlings off to a decent start before planting them out in the main vegetable plot when the weather warms up.

If you’re going to leave the herbs & vegetables in a sandpit for long enough for it to rain heavily you will need to drill holes in the bottom or it will quickly become waterlogged.

You can see my previous stumbling attempts to Grow My Own in the GMO photo album of the Soul Nutrition Facebook page (even if you are not a member of Facebook): all comments and advice gratefully received!

seeds in a sandpit

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