Grow Your Own Beauty

One of the most unexpected pleasures of growing my own fruit & veg is the fact that I also seem to be growing my own beauty to enjoy each day.  The majority of these supposedly utilitarian plants blossom into the most incredible flowers, to attract pollinators so that they can then produce the fruits, beans, peas and leaves that we can then eat. No wonder that I can justify including them in flowerbeds and in tubs by the back door, rather than keeping them at the bottom of the garden where their subtleties have to be searched out. So if the idea of growing your own food doesn’t appeal, why not grow these plants purely for the sheer pleasure of them?

28 July 2012 030

Courgette flowers


Strawberry blossom


Blueberry flowers

Sage in bud

Sage in bud

You can see more of my stumbling attempts to grow my own food on Facebook and follow my progress on Twitter – or even enjoy a 30 day free trial of my interactive website at – designed to help you find your own path to a happier, more balanced life. One of the things that inspired me to grow my own fruit and vegetables was how often the taste of other people’s home grown produce featured in my Happiness Calendar – why not start your own calendar and see what lifts your spirits most often?

Chives, sunbathing

Chives, sunbathing

Inspiring gardening books include:

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  1. Alex says:

    Lovely pictures, fruit and vegetables are beautiful plants and sadly underrated in the garden. Not many garden flowers can beat the beauty of apple blossom and give me a potager over a flower border anytime!

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