No-cook Sugar-free Sweets in 3 seconds

1. Take grapes

2. Put them in the freezer

Preparation done.  Now all you have to do is wait until they are frozen, then take them out and suck them until they don’t make your teeth go funny, chew & eat. The only sugar these contain are natural fruit sugars + loads of great vitamins & minerals + fibre, all of which are truly natural additives to help you process that natural sugar. Isn’t it brilliant how real food is so supportive of us humans?


Want to try a sugar-free diet, remember the best dishes you made and track how you feel as you explore new food choices?  You can do this using the online photographic food diary ‘Nourish’ @  – it’s free.  We donate 50% net profits to support research into the ketogenic diet as a potential therapy for brain cancer – see the Soul Nutrition website for full details.

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