Easy Fish & Gluten Free ‘Pasta’ Recipe

Looking for a gluten free pasta alternative?  Why settle for something that is trying to be pasta when you can use more interesting things instead?

For this recipe I have put a frozen cod fillet into an ovenproof dish, poured some passata over the top then added chopped olives, jalapenos & anchovies (save the oil that the anchovies came in).

Next I chopped yellow pepper & courgette into strips and put them into another ovenproof dish with the olive oil that the anchovies came in, swooshing it all around to get the salty taste of the anchovy oil onto the veg.

I then put both dishes in the oven for about 25 minutes at the temperature it said on the packet of frozen cod fillets (190 degrees centigrade, gas mark 6). The peas & leeks were steamed separately. I could have stir-fried the strips of pepper & courgette but it took less energy just to put them in the oven, and it easier to avoid overheating the oil & burning the food this way!

Gluten free pasta alternative

Would you feel better if you ate less gluten or more fish?

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