Breakfast Cake

It may look more like pizza and be inspired by every Frittata recipe ever written, but in our house this has always been known as Breakfast Cake, even when we eat it at lunchtime.  Here is the simple recipe, which of course you can vary depending on whatever you have in the fridge as you start to cook it.


Soul Nutrition Breakfast CakeQuantities are for one decent frying pan full – you can vary the number of eggs & amounts of ingredients depending on hunger levels:

1 onion

1 or 2 green/red/yellow sweet peppers

handful of mushrooms

1 leek

any leftover veg from the day before, chopped small

1 or 2 chillies if you like life to be spicy

a few tomatoes

4 or 5 eggs, broken into a jug & whisked with a fork until the yolks are mixed well into the whites.

Cooking Method

Put some butter or oil in the pan & melt over a gentle heat.  Add the onions & peppers and move them around with a wooden spoon until they start to go soft. Then add the things that will cook more quickly such as leeks & mushrooms, plus any chillies & other spices that you’d like to include. Cook those for another couple of minutes until soft – never long enough to burn, obviously. Then add any pre-cooked vegetable leftovers to heat through.

Finally, pour on the whisked up eggs and place your chopped tomatoes on top in whatever pattern makes you happy. Cook until the Breakfast Cake starts to come away slightly from the sides of the pan & most of the eggs are almost cooked through.

Then put under a pre-heated grill just to brown off the top & ensure that the eggs are thoroughly cooked but not burnt. If you like cheese on your Breakfast Cake, grate it on whilst the Cake is still hot but don’t put it back under the grill, just let it melt slightly before you slice it up & enjoy.


Does eating a decent breakfast make you feel better?

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