It Starts with a Pot: How to Grow Your Own Food in Containers

To celebrate the new ‘It Starts with a Pot’ campaign, I thought I would gather together some inspiration for how to grow your own food in containers, as this is certainly how I began my GMO (Grow My Own) journey.swapot_logo_flat-01

Key tips are: when you buy plants in little pots from garden centres or supermarkets, you have to pot them up (in other words, buy some compost, take them out of the little pot & plant them in a bigger pot) in order to give them room to flourish.  Small pots dry out really quickly & the roots grow to fill them so there aren’t enough nutrients to feed the plants without this extra soil.

Always make sure that containers you use outside have holes in the bottom so that they don’t just fill up with water when it rains & then drown the plants that are in them.  If you bring the containers inside this is why you need a plate or a pot cover (without holes) to put the little pots with holes inside, or the water will run all over your windowsills when you water the plants.  Not sure that sentence makes sense but you get the idea 🙂

For more inspiration, check out the Soul Nutrition Photo Albums on Facebook or container gardening guides from the RHS

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