5 second recipe: Herby Olive Oil

Rosemary olive oilLooking for a cheap and easy alternative to shop bought salad dressings?  Here’s a 5 second recipe to inspire you:

Step 1: grab a partly used bottle of olive oil from your cupboard
Step 2: stuff some herbs in through the neck of the bottle
Step 3: admire your awesome creative cooking skills

This oil was made using a couple of sprigs of rosemary but you can use any herbs that you like, and/or spices such as garlic or chilli – whatever you have knocking around in the fridge or your cupboards. Flavoured oils can be drizzled over salads (obviously) but are also great over vegetables, rice, pasta and potatoes. You could even go wild and add some apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar to your food as well!

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