Grow Your Own Onions

As you know if you follow this blog, I tend to stumble along with amateur enthusiasm when it comes to gardening and my grow your own onions experience was no exception. Planting them is simple: just buy a net of tiny onions from a garden centre, put each one in the ground in about October, and leave until the following late summer (instructions on the packets, luckily!). Unsure as exactly to when to harvest, I looked at how big the bits of the onions were that were visible above ground and kept wondering if they would get bigger if left them for longer, so here is one that I had pulled out of the ground in early September next to those still growing.


onion flowers

However I am glad to say that I left most for much longer, so some flowered and looked amazing!

 Later as the blooms faded I did harvest them & they tasted fine so perhaps it wasn’t a mistake, but even if it was a mistake it was a worthwhile one as the flowers gave me even more pleasure than eating onions does 🙂

onion flower

Onion flower against summer sky

bee on onion flower

Bees loved the onion flowers too


Some of the final onion crop

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If you like the look of onion flowers, why not grow your own garlic & chives? Their flowers are very similar as these plants are all part of the allium family.  To find out how to grow your own garlic, see my previous blog post & photos @

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