Grow Your Own Happiness (and Blueberries)

One of the most unexpected pleasures of “grow your own” has been the happiness I experience wandering around the garden by myself with a cup of tea in my dressing gown, before anyone else in the house is up & about.  Not glamorous I know, but those moments of peace & quiet as I gently check up on how all the plants are doing have become a really special part of my day & often appear in my Happiness Calendar

I’ve also been surprised by how beautiful these supposedly utilitarian plants can be. Here is Fluffbucket trying to reach the blueberry bushes – their Autumn colour is stunning.








… and throughout Summer we obviously got lots of lovely blueberries.  Watching them gradually take shape after those beautiful little white flowers disappear, and then gradually changing from green to purple and then ripening to that deep “blue” colour is very satisfying.  Naturally as I am awake before everyone else, I also get the pick of the crop, straight from the plant!

Blueberry flowers


Soul Nutrition

Soul Nutrition provides 3 interactive online tools to help people find their own path to a happier, more balanced life. This unique website invites you to enjoy a 30 day free trial so that you can take your time to explore The Happiness Calendar, the life coaching model SHIFT, and the reflective, photographic food diary ‘Nourish’.

inspiring Soul Nutrition tree

Soul Nutrition is inspired by all the lives touched by brain tumours, and donates to brain cancer research into the potential use of the ketogenic diet as an adjunct therapy for brain tumours via the UK based charities

Astro Brain Tumour Fund and Matthew’s Friends


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