3 Steps to Happiness

Most of us believe that we would be happy if we had the perfect job, perfect body, perfect life partner and amazing, perfect friends. However a number of research studies show that it is a positive outlook that draws these desirable outcomes to us, so the impression that we need to have them before we can be happy is a false one!

Soul Nutrition Happiness Calendar Gratitude Diary
An important first step towards greater happiness is to start by noticing what already makes us happy, and focusing on those happy moments – this shifts us into a positive mindset, improves our self esteem, and the rest of life should then start to catch up with our happy thoughts. In fact, a positive outlook seems to make us not only happier but healthier too, and if we’re glowing on all fronts I guess it makes sense that then good people will be drawn to us….all of us prefer to be around positive, happy people rather than miserable, negative ones.



This research inspired The Happiness Calendar at www.soulnutrition.org – accessible via any device with internet access it gives you a quick & easy way to make a note of 3 things that make you happy each day. As those positive memories build up in your happiness cloud you should start to think about them more often and hence feel happier. Why not give it a go? It’s free, with just the option to donate to the brain cancer charity ‘Astro Brain Tumour Fund’ if you would like to support their work.

To check out some of the research studies, take a look at

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