Seeds and Soil: key ingredients for Fabulous Food

Where does your food come from?  All of it begins with the soil and a seed – from there it is just a case of when you eat it; as a shoot, a leaf, a fruit, or an animal that has fed on the plant.

All the top chefs from around the world recognise this and place huge emphasis on seasonal, organic foods. In fact Peter Gilmore of Quay restaurant in Sydney, Australia has coined the phrase ‘nature-based cuisine’

“Nature offers us so much diversity – a natural elegance and beauty – and it is the organic nature of food, its textures and flavours that is at the heart of my cooking”

Therefore if you want your own meals to taste great, keep it simple, buy the best quality that you can, and as you eat it, think about where it came from so that you really connect with the spirit of the food.  This video from Peter Gilmore gives a fascinating view into the genesis of an idea behind one of his dishes that combines the best of the garden & the sea. Somebody book me a ticket to Sydney…..

Have a look at Peter Gilmore’s stunning book, Quay – packed with pictures beautiful enough to take your breath away.


You can take your own photos & record memories of beautiful meals in Soul Nutrition’s online food diary, Nourish.  Choose to keep those photos private, or share them with friends & spread the love of inspirational cuisine.

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