Woven Willow Stag Head… of a fashion

I had rather a random kind of day today, making a stag head out of willow. Funnily enough, “willow stag head” has never yet appeared in my Happiness Calendar, but the friends, shared food & banter already appear large in my happiness cloud, hence the reason that I shifted work around to ensure that I could spend time with everyone today.  Making time for friendship is always worthwhile in my book!

Any ideas as to what we should attempt to make at the next workshop?  Perhaps an elephant if I take a whole week off work?

willow bundles

Raw materials: the willow bundles

willow ball

From small beginnings: willow ball





willow stag head

Looking like a dinosaur at this stage

willow stag head

Cheers, Big Ears! Any similarities to Dumbo is entirely coincidental. Think this is where I started to lose the plot.

willow stag head

This is how it should have looked

willow stag head

This is my attempt!

Arley Hall

The beautiful room at Arley Hall

Willow stag head girls

The results, after a glass of wine at lunchtime

Our teacher was Juliette Hamilton: to check out her future workshops & see more of her fantastic willow weaving creations (including a Shire Horse and yes, an Elephant) her website is here

To discover other events at the beautiful Arley Hall & Gardens in Cheshire, see their website

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