Mindful Eating for Happiness

Have you ever noticed how much food affects your happiness?

One of the key principles of Mindful Eating is to pay close attention to the way that you feel in each moment, without judging yourself for feeling that way.  Having struggled with depression & anxiety in the past, one of the key ways that I managed to free myself from the effects of such negative emotions was to support myself with certain foods & eating patterns – and I still stick to them, as otherwise it is all too easy to slide backwards.

Here is a food plate to represent the balance of food at each meal that I have drawn from various dietary models and that I have found makes me happiest; I even base my breakfasts on this plate, as you can see from my photo album on Facebook

Soul Nutrition Happiness Food Plate

Soul Nutrition Happiness Food Plate

View this as a pdf by clicking here: Soul Nutrition Happiness Food Plate

However, this is very personal to me as all of us are unique and what suits me may not suit you.  So, why not play around with your own food choices & use Nourish, the online photographic food diary @ www.soulnutrition.org to keep a note of how you feel when you choose differently. The way that Nourish works is simple:

  1. Sign up for your 7 day free trial of Nourish here
  2. Download & then open the Soul Nutrition app on your smartphone & click Nourish “Enter New Information”
  3. Take a photo of your food
  4. Eat the food and notice all the feelings that arise during the mealtime
  5. When you have finished eating, fill in as many prompts around the photo on Nourish as you want to, to record those feelings
  6. As your week to a view Nourish Food Diary builds up, watch how the patterns that you choose influence the way that you feel & adjust your food choices accordingly

You can use my own Happiness Food Plate as inspiration if you like, but then you can draw up your own version by downloading the Soul Nutrition template by clicking here: Happiness Food Plate blank template

Soul Nutrition Happiness Food Plate - blank template

Soul Nutrition Happiness Food Plate – blank template

Start by completing the boxes with all the things that you like to eat, then see what proportion of these foods makes you feel best – so will increasing your vegetable intake to half of your plate make you feel better? or do you already eat loads of vegetables but not enough protein? Remember also that you may feel better by changing your carb based breakfast to a meal that looks like lunch! Whatever pattern of eating you decide to try, follow it strictly for at least 2 weeks whilst you record any changes in how you feel, then make adjustments if you need to.

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The link to your 7 day free trial of Nourish is here.  Let me know what balance works best for you!




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