Where does the (Spring) time go?

I was with somebody yesterday & after we had take a little while to work out what the date actually was, we both commented that we weren’t sure where this year had gone so quickly… and looking back, there are whole periods of life where my memories are, to be honest, pretty hazy.  Whilst that can be a blessing during difficult phases, there are also times that I wish I had stopped to enjoy more consciously.

A simple way that I practice being more mindful of the present moment is to notice signs of the seasons, and to add them to the cloud in my Happiness Calendar.  I find that noticing small, positive signs of change around me also helps me to cope when bigger changes come along… somehow I am used to the whole idea of change being part of the natural process of things, rather than something to cause concern.

You can start your own Happiness Calendar for free at www.soulnutrition.org.

What signs of Spring have you noticed this week?


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