Just Eat It: Pursuit of Perfection as a False Ideal

How often are you aware that you are hard on yourself because you failed to do something perfectly? Do you acknowledge how damaging this pursuit of perfection can be?

In this world obsessed by perfect looks, where consumer & supermarket demands rule our global food supply chain, a new documentary claims that over 40% of the food grown in the world is wasted, thanks to our human obsession with perfection – perfect colours, perfect curves, perfect complexion…. madness in all aspects of life.

Mindfulness teaches us to view both ourselves & others with compassion – to accept things as they are in the present moment without judgement – and surely that attitude should extend to our food as well?  If it tastes good & does us good, does it matter if it doesn’t look perfect?

Here’s a thought:

if we start to be more accepting of less than perfect food,

will we also judge ourselves less harshly?

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Nourish mindful eating diary

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