Sustainable Fish Guide & Recipes

Great to see that the Marine Conservation Society have updated their sustainable fish guide website, Fish Online, to make it even easier to check out which fish we can eat with a clear conscience and which we should be avoiding to protect fish stocks – the site now includes an easy to use search bar & monthly recipes for the fish that are in season.

Don’t miss the downloadable Pocket Good Fish Guide & their mobile app to make it easy to check out the fish available when you are out shopping.

Glad to see that Omega 3 rich fresh anchovies are still on the “Fish to Eat” list!  These are available from all good fish counters & deli sections in supermarkets as well as from independent fishmongers. They come marinated in plain olive oil or with herbs & spices. Fresh anchovies need no cooking so can be quickly added cold to salads, or if you prefer them warm then they work well heated through in pasta sauces or laid on top of other fish towards the end of their cooking time to bring out their fabulous flavour.

Fresh anchovies salad

Fresh anchovies salad

Could eating more fish make you feel happier & healthier?  Nourish, the photographic food diary on the Soul Nutrition Website, helps you to track how you feel as you play around with your food choices – so you can decide for yourself if all those health claims about eating more fish are really true!

To check out Fish Online, the Marine Conservation Society sustainable seafood guide, click here


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