Quinoa Cakes Recipe

Tomato & Red Pepper Quinoa Cakes recipe with sautéed wild mushrooms & shallots

This quinoa cakes recipe has been requested by so many people who have eaten this delicious main course at one of our Soul Nutrition events in Manchester, that Chef Gary Nixon at De Vere Venues Cheadle House (a fabulous venue, just off the M60 near the airport) has been kind enough to share it with us…. so if you would rather just eat these rather than cook them, why not book yourself on one of our Manchester events and we promise it will be on the lunch menu!  For full events listings including London, Worcester & Bath as well as Manchester, click here

Quinoa Cakes

Ingredients (for 10-15 Quinoa Cakes)

1 white onion (fine diced)

20g flat parsley (finely chopped)

500g quinoa

1 ltr veg stock (gluten free)

5 fresh tomatoes

2 red peppers

Quinoa growing in Peru

2 cloves garlic (pureed)

500g mixed wild mushrooms (sliced)

2 large banana shallots (sliced)

200g baby spinach (washed)



Roast tomatoes & red peppers in a 180oc oven for 30 minutes. Remove seeds & stork from peppers & blitz into a puree and leave to cool slightly. Sauté onion & garlic in a heavy based pan. Add quinoa and stir in well. Add 200ml of the stock and reduce to a simmer. Add 5 tbsp of the tomato & pepper puree and continue to cook gradually adding stock and puree until quinoa is cooked. Reduce mixture to a porridge like texture, add parsley, seasoning mix well and chill.

Once chilled, mould into cakes and place on a greaseproof lined tray. Bake in oven at 180 degrees centigrade for 20mins.

Whilst in the oven heat a frying pan and sauté shallots and mushrooms in a little oil. Once soft, add spinach and remove from heat. Remove cakes from oven and serve with sautéed shallot mixture on top of quinoa cake.

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