Mindfulness in the midst of cancer: sound

I seem to appreciate sounds more than I used to.  Today I have spent the morning moving as silently as possible around the house, whilst my boyfriend sleeps after his night shift. I listened carefully to the gentle noises that I had to make whilst I cooked myself breakfast; the swoosh of water into metal as I filled the kettle, the click and tap of cupboards and the gentle clink of a mug on the work surface, then the rustle of tea leaves as I spooned them into the teapot. Even the crack of an egg seemed loud, yet familiar and something to be treasured.

I remember being in hospital last year, too traumatised and sensitive to be able to have any TV or radio on as it seemed to add to my physical pain. So now the gentle tick of the clock that my son bought me for my birthday a few years ago is a precious sound of home and of being healed. The sounds made by being able to move around and make breakfast are cherished enough to bring up huge feelings of appreciation. I am home again! Free to make my own food whilst others sleep peacefully above.

This basic mindfulness practice of becoming aware of the sound of the present moment is a very simple but hugely valuable one. It helps to prevent me from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Instead it brings great joy and happiness, with no fuss, no special equipment or fancy meditation techniques: just simple attention and appreciation. It only takes a moment, yet the happiness it brings echoes throughout the day.

So this experience is reflected in the gratitude card that I have written for my own practice this evening. What do you appreciate about sound in your own life?

Soul Nutrition appreciation card for mindfulness in the midst of cancer

You can start your own appreciation diary for free using The Happiness Calendar @ www.soulnutrition.org  There is no catch, just a desire to help others.

Katie Sheen, Founder of Soul Nutrition


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