The true luxury of a luxury mindfulness retreat

The True Luxury of a Luxury Mindfulness RetreatWhen I tell people that I run retreats at the Michelin starred Lucknam Park Hotel and Spa near Bath, most people immediately focus on the luxury: and yes, these are five star luxury surroundings, no doubt about it. However one of the most important luxuries is the fact that retreats here are limited to fewer than 10 people. This means that we have the luxury of time, a rare commodity nowadays and an important way to invest in ourselves.

The True Luxury of a Luxury Mindfulness RetreatThis means that I have time to really get to know you, and explain the mindfulness strategies that are best suited to your individual circumstances. Time to share how the key concepts and ways of thinking can have such transformative effects, time to practice a range of sitting, walking, cooking and eating meditations designed to free you from the habitual ways of thinking and acting that you want to change, and time to help you establish new ways of responding to life.

Lucknam park loungeTaking time out of our normal routine is one of the joys of going on retreat. Physically placing yourself somewhere different, choosing to hear new ideas and making time to practice new skills is a liberating experience. Only when you stop running through life can you hear the whispers of insights, the flashes of intuition about how you could free yourself of the habit energies that drive you to places you don’t want to be, and how you could do things differently.

Luxury mindfulness retreatSo for me, the luxury of being at Lucknam Park is the pleasure of seeing people start to transform themselves over the three days, to experience the joy and happiness that mindfulness can bring to our lives. The fabulous surroundings help everyone find the space to think, to relax, to connect with nature and be taken care of by the wonderful team of staff in the hotel, brasserie, cookery school and spa.

Mindfulness & Mindful Eating teacherThis supportive environment is key to everyone feeling safe and secure enough to explore new ways of being, to practice using mindfulness to tap into their own innate wisdom and discover the insights they need in order to return, refreshed and renewed, to a calmer, gentler and happier life. This, for me, is a highly valued luxury indeed.

I hope to see you there one day.

To discover more about the Wellbeing House and the range of Mindfulness Retreats available at Lucknam Park, please visit their website by clicking here.  Thank you.

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  1. Karen Davis says:

    Keen to know if you plan to run a retreat this year at Lucknam as I’d like to book in! Thx

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