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Katie came on board with our programme to help support valve disease patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, a challenging period in many of their lives, and delivered a brilliant workshop tailored to suit the specific needs of our patients. In a short space of time she was able to curate an engaging workshop which gave patients of varying abilities practical tools to help manage their own mental wellbeing.

Her workshops not only tell you how to use mindfulness but also explain the mechanics of why it works, giving a rounded understanding of its use to the individual. In addition to this, the resources she has developed on her website offer the mechanisms for continued engagement and support for our patients after the workshop.

Katie is a wonderful person and presenter, and we’re very glad she came on board with our programme.

Callum FergusonHead of ContentHeart Valve Voice (registered Charity)

During the time Katie spent on Site working with my teams, I was impressed at the way she managed to reach even the most cynical. I have since received very positive feedback from those involved who felt they had benefited from both the sessions and using the tools that Katie recommended both in and out of work.

Angharad RaynerClosure DirectorMagnox Trawsfynydd

I had the privilege to work with Katie for more than a year. She supported the wellbeing of our employees offering mindfulness workshops.

Katie always found a way to meet our needs and to connect mindfulness on a practical level with our everyday challenges. Her presence made a difference and encouraged our employees to be open to new approaches. I definitely recommend her.

Eszter IvanHead of People and Culture, Georgian House Hotel, Londona recommendation on LinkedIn

I recently attended Katie’s 6 week mindfulness course. I had practised mindfulness using an app for some time and attended the course as I realised that I was finding it difficult to incorporate it into everyday life. Katie is a very impactful facilitator.

Mindfulness can seem a bit “out there” for some people but Katie’s practical, professional and knowledgeable approach is highly effective – and reassuring for those new to the subject. She is able to put the principles of mindfulness into a scientific, researched based context whilst maintaining a light touch that is engaging and enjoyable. Her sessions are light hearted yet practical and hugely beneficial for anyone who wants to build personal or business resilience.

Frances TaylorThe Sleep Fixer: showing business leaders how to sleep well, work well and live well using science-based sleep strategiesa recommendation on LinkedIn

Katie attended our staff conference to raise awareness of well-being and the importance on mindfulness. She is an incredibly positive and professional speaker and engaged all our staff. Since her visit we have doubled the amount of people visiting our on-line wellness centre and putting their mental health at the forefront of their priorities.

We would welcome working with Katie again and highly recommend her.

Norther Counties Society of Osteopaths logoKatie is one of the most popular speakers at the Northern Counties Society of Osteopaths conference and meetings, and finds something new to engage us every time we ask her to lecture.

Her clear and concise delivery of sometimes quite complex scientific information enables all of our members to take not only relevant nutritional information back to our practices, but also encourages us to use mindfulness to engage with our patients, each other and in awareness of ourselves.

I would highly recommend Katie as a speaker, whether it be as a mindfulness instructor for your staff/colleagues or as a nutritional lecturer on behalf of Lamberts.

Kathryn Elliott Osteopath & Secretary Northern Counties Society of Osteopaths (NCSO)

I asked Katie to speak at our Health and Wellbeing Day in June and was so impressed.

With a unique presentation style, Katie was able to immediately engage with the audience and delivery a powerful presentation that made you ask why Mindfulness was not on the agenda of every business. The feedback from staff following Katie’s presentation was some of the best we’ve ever witnessed!!!

We will definitely be using Katie to speak at future events.

Andrew MilbourneOccupational Health and Safety ManagerSellafield Ltd

Mindfulness Event Speaker Mindful Living Show LogoKatie is a very experienced and popular teacher at our mindfulness events and has shown great versatility, leading sessions on a variety of mindfulness themes since The Mindful Living Show was first established.

She is always prepared and professional.  I particularly like Katie’s warmth and genuine passion for her work.  Her many years of training, teaching experience and ongoing curiosity in new fields of development make her an asset to any group looking for genuine knowledge and growth.

Alex JoiceyFounder & Event Director, Pep Farley EventsThe Mindful Living Show

I first met Katie when she was a mindfulness speaker for a leadership conference that I attended. She spoke with such authority but in an incredibly calm and inclusive way that she drew in the whole room of 400+ senior business leaders.

Katie Sheen at the Master Innholders’ 25th Hotel General Managers’ Conference at The Connaught Rooms, London

I invited Katie to facilitate a mindfulness workshop and not only was it incredibly popular with the team (standing room only!) but I could see the results straight away in the change in our team. Katie now visits every few weeks to help us embed mindfulness into our culture as the benefits had been significant, particularly in how it has affected leadership and communication in the team.

Adam RowledgeGeneral Manager, Georgian House Hotel, LondonLinkedIn Recommendation

Katie is just fab! I’ve been to several of her regular & one-off events and I have loved every one. In particular, the Mindful Eating course in Stockport was a revelation. I went expecting “eat slower” “focus on flavour” etc but instead I got so much more. It was an emotional and revelatory exploration of our relationships with food and about self-care. I cannot recommend it enough.

Jennifer Samuel-Bryan a review on Facebook
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