Katie is a fantastic teacher and a truly lovely person. I have tried meditation a number of times over the years but never been able to make it stick. Katie manages to present the techniques and teachings so clearly and in a way that makes them accessible to all, even the initially cynical! It’s certainly made a big difference to my life. Thanks Katie.🙂

Thanks again for the ‘Discovering Mindfulness’ session. Thought I would just share some of the actual comments from the team:

Equity Housing workplace mindfulness programmeI thought this was fantastic!

Gave me more of an insight into myself than I thought.

Keen to purchase the books and maybe enjoy living a bit more!!

Me and my friend are going to look at the retreat!!!

I really enjoyed all of the breathing sessions and would definitely take some of this with me into work and personal life.

We can use the breakout idea in reception when we have a difficult call: to just take a moment to breathe.

It was an eye opener for me.

I was not much for the mindful walking bit as not my thing, but the rest was a surprise to me – had my doubts before the session but so glad you sorted it for us.

I think this (although only short) taught me a valuable life skill. It has educated me to look at my thought process and overall outlook on life. I left feeling positive, grateful and able to concentrate on the now. Has left me wanting more.

Customer Solutions ManagerEquity Housing Group LimitedCheadle Hulme, Cheshire

The mindfulness sessions have been excellent and really well managed, enabling me to get the best out of each week’s hour.

For me the value is being able to take the time out and reflect, and also to recognise “being in the moment” and not “charging” to the next thing. The mix from a cross section of the business has also helped to get a range of views and has broadened the sessions.

Nick GarnerSenior Project Controls Manager - RetrievalsSellafield LtdWarrington

Mindfulness for catering and hospitality staffA very special lady that can calm an audience of 450 in minutes. Thank you!

Brenda Collin on Twitter Managing Director, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, at the Master Innholders' 25th Hotel General Managers’ Conference 'The Spirit of the Time', The Connaught Rooms, London

I was introduced to Katie by a friend & attended a couple of her local workshops in Mindfulness techniques. Listening to her describe her experiences with such honesty was a breath of fresh air & she recommenced some great reading to support her work.

This led me to undertaking a 6 weeks mindfulness course with Katie & her colleague which I can honestly say changed my world. Mindfulness is now such an important part of my life & I am lucky enough to be able to share the habits with others in my work.

Be Calm Be Happy 6 weeks mindfulness courseI am so grateful to Katie that our paths crossed at a time when I was needing to make big changes. Katie helped me to find the confidence I needed, supported me with guidance & naturally shares her empathy as well as her skills as a mentor & mindfulness teacher.

I honestly feel that she was the missing part in a jigsaw I had been trying to complete for many years, she helped me to put the pieces together and see the picture as a whole.

Katie Sheen is a highly gifted lecturer and speaker and brings clarity and vitality to any topic that she talks about. She has a rare ability to take apart complex concepts and strip them back to their basic component parts and re-present them in a much easier-to- grasp way.

In addition to bringing clarity and understanding for her audience, she has a delightful personal presentational style, which brings lightness, humour and humanity to what could otherwise sometimes be dry or difficult material.

She definitely ‘adds value’ in spades – bringing a wonderful, accessible intelligence which does not confuse or bamboozle (which sadly is often the case) and a personal delivery style which makes her events delightful, and uplifting to attend.

Tracy LandB.Ed, M.Th, Dip ION, Fd Sc. Accredited Member of: The British Association of Applied Nutritional Therapists (BANT) The Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)Landmark Nutrition

Katie taught part of our Nutritional Therapy diploma course and she is an extremely engaging and knowledgeable teacher. She manages the difficult task of combining scientific rigour with an innate understanding of the human condition – for me, she has the perfect balance of science and mindfulness techniques which I aim to put into practice now I am qualified.

Katie has an amazing energy and aura, she brings calm to a room the moment she walks in!

I’ve also used her Happiness Calendar which helped me through a very stressful time by giving me head space and perspective – I would highly recommend it to anyone. I honestly can’t recommend Katie highly enough, she is a true inspiration!

Lucy HunnNutritional Therapist and Community PharmacistCumbria

online mindfulness course for anxietyKatie makes it very easy to engage yourself, follow along and apply her advice into your own situations.

I started the 6 weeks ‘Be Calm, Be Happy’ mindfulness course over a year ago. I found the course really amazing. I learnt so much about meditation and mindfulness, and also ways of reducing stress and anxiety.Be Calm Be Happy 6 weeks mindfulness course

Soon after finishing the course I started the weekly lunchtime drop-in meditation sessions in Cheadle Hulme, lasting less than an hour. I found them so calming and relaxing. Katie has an aura of peace and calm around her. I look forward to every week’s session and I try to apply the teachings and wisdom to everyday life. I have learnt so much and I continue to do so.

online mindfulness course for anxietyI would recommend this online course to anyone trying to deal with anxiety. The explanations are excellent at helping me to understand the meaning of mindfulness and ultimately, how it can positively affect my everyday life. Thank you Katie for making such a good course! Well worth watching!


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